Our holistic + thorough approach brings you comfort, confidence, and control.

We collaborate with a diverse community of businesses, organizations and individuals to remove the guesswork from managing their finances. We invest as much thoughtful effort — and fastidious attention to detail — into your financial paperwork as we do into our own, with the express goal of saving you time, effort, and aggravation.

Through accountability + transparency, we pursue business, relationships and results in what we believe to be a better way, a smarter way, and a more honest way.

We take seriously our responsibility of tailoring our services to fulfill each client’s unique needs. In that spirit, we’re continually upping our game through continuing professional development, and expanding our expertise across a comprehensive buffet of applications and tools. Providing the best result meeting your needs includes investigating and assembling an integrated suite of relevant solutions, based on your goals, current technology, and best-practice thinking. 


Taxes can be intimidating, but we’re not.

As partners we work to empower businesses and individuals with the tools and expertise to accomplish their business + financial management goals. We earn trust by delivering results as promised, while providing only as much as you need to know, in a simple, no-nonsense format that doesn’t overwhelm. We enable you to stay informed, reduce your risk level, avoid pitfalls, and rest assured that everything is under control. We partner with all clients to traverse a path of continuous learning, improvement, and engagement.

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Jessica Allen is a Partner at Allen + Koe, where she relishes the opportunity to learn about new businesses while engaging with a variety of people and projects. Her idea of a successful day is one where she’s helped a client accomplish their business or financial goals. With a prior career as a professional chef, she discovered that both occupations appeal to her focus on hospitality, genuine care for clients, and the opportunity to fine-tune recipes and processes for the tastiest and most satisfying results. In addition to her Culinary Arts Degree, she earned a BA in Business Administration from University of Washington Foster School of Business.

When not at the computer making sense of dollars and cents, you’ll find Jessica improving her Tai Chi skills, studying classical guitar, planning her next travel adventure, rooting for her beloved Mariners, or cuddling with her treasured kitty, Bean.

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Peter Koe is the Managing Partner of Allen + Koe, where he enjoys the challenges, unpredictability, and “no two days the same” environment of constantly learning about and from clients and their businesses. He puts his BA from University of Washington-Tacoma and CPA credentials to work in all areas of accounting, where he’s proud to be squarely in the middle of one of the most well-established and stable — yet constantly improving and evolving — professions.

When he’s not wrangling spreadsheets packed with numbers, you can find Peter preparing meals across a wide spectrum of cuisines, tackling an endless list of home remodeling projects, playing Foster Dad to a parade of dogs and cats, and planning the next globetrotting adventure with his wife and daughter.