Diversifying the Stock Exchange

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Earlier this month (August 2021), the SEC approved a Board Diversity Rule proposal from NASDAQ.  By this time next year (August 2022) all companies listed on the NASDAQ exchange must publicly (either on annual SEC filings or on their website) share the diversity makeup of their board of directors. The objective, according to NASDAQ, is to encourage board diversity and to provide stakeholders with consistent and comparable disclosures. Read the SEC’s August 6th 82 page…

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Book Review: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

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I was prompted to read this 200-page business cash management primer, Profit First, when a client asked if I agree with its message. Happy to read a highly recommended book that intersects business, profits, and accounting, I downloaded and read this in less than two wintery weekends. I highly recommend it for entrepreneurs who are short on time and eager to learn a different way to look at your income statement and improve your bottom…

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